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The IAOB is continually working to improve IATF certification. Below you will find useful information for all stakeholders.

The IAOB/SMMT YouTube channel brings practical examples of IATF audits to any internal, 2nd party, or third part auditor and to organizations certified to IATF 16949.

For FAQs for suppliers and certification bodies visit the FAQ page. If you have an ethics and compliance concern, see the link below.

For general questions feel free to contact us. See the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the page.

IAOB/SMMT YouTube Channel

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FAQ 1: Can any organization be certified to IATF 16949?

No, organizations must meet the requirements of eligibility outlined in “Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF recognition 5th Edition”.

Ethics and Compliance

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IAOB Organization Announcement

19 June 2024

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Auditor Work Experience Validation

5 February 2023

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2023 IAOB CB Award Program Results

5 October 2023

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IAOB Red Supplier Coaching

10 July 2023

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Transfer of Red Suppliers from IATF KPI Hub to IATF CMS

12 April 2023

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Performance Complaints

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