Performance Complaint

IATF 16949 certified organizations may file a performance complaint against one of their IATF 16949 certified suppliers using the Supplier Complaint Reporting process.

This process is not to be used to file ethics concerns or complaints about an IATF recognized Certification Body, IATF Certification Body auditor or IATF Global Oversight office. These types of concerns or complaints should be filed using this website:

For any supplier performance complaint submitted, objective evidence is required in order to proceed with a proper investigation.

What will happen when I file a complaint?

  • Once you have submitted a complaint through the online form, you will receive confirmation of receipt within one business day.
  • Your complaint form is passed to the Compliance team who will assess the complaint details and decide on the appropriate action required. Your communication with the Compliance team is confidential and will only be shared on a strict need-to-know basis.
  • The Complaint team may need to clarify some of the information provided to ensure the complaint can be sent to the correct IATF Global Oversight office for investigation. If the Compliance team has additional follow-up questions you may receive an email from a team member. Otherwise, the investigation process will begin.
  • You will receive notification when the investigation is complete, and that typically takes up to ninety calendar days if an onsite investigation is necessary.

Submitter Information

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Complaint Details

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